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Shopping and Services

Vydáno dne 24.01.2007

Maturitní otázka pojednávající o nakupování.

UPOZORNĚNÍ: Tento příspěvek je studentskou prací a mohou se v něm objevovat jazykové i faktické chyby.

Shopping and Services

Pavla Bartozelová

Retailing is the business of selling products to the general public. Most retailers sell from shop or stores. Countries have large retail chains. In the CR f.e. Kaufland, Billa, Albert... Their outlets are often in shopping centres where there are many large stores in the same location. Large retailers have also well-known hypermarkets or superstores which are usually out of the location. Hypermarkets have over 30 000 square meters and superstore under 30 000 square meters. They may be situated on a retail park
Department stores are large shops, which sell a wide variety of products. They are large building usually several stores high. They have many departments (foodstaff, shoes, restaurant, bookshop...) all under one roof. Harrods is the best known department store in London.
Now I would like to describe standard design of stores. The main entrance is usually on the left because people have a natural reflex to move to the right. Inside the entrance there are always fruit and vegetable. It seems to be important for the store, because it gives the store a healthy image. But the meat counter is at the back of the store. There are 2 reasons for this: the first is that meat needs a storage and preparation area. The other is that shoppers come to buy it regularly and on their way they will see many other products.
Basic products are rarely positioned next to each other. For example the coffee is in the first aisle but sugar is in the fourth aisle near the checkout. The leader known brands used to be at the top of shelf. We can notice that at the eye-level there are always more famous brands of products because buyers can notice them easily. Research has shown that these products have the highest sales.
At the demonstration area there are various items which are discounted at the moment. Because these stores are so big, they are able to lower the prices quite a lot and making them cheaper than smaller shops.

We have many ways how to pay. Most often people pay in cash. But credit cards are also widely accepted. People usually pay by a credit card when they have a big purchase. We also pay in instalments when we wanted to buy f.e. TV or cars. Cash on delivery is often used when we order something on the Internet. And I cant forget paying by a checque.

Shopping and me
I like shopping. Shopping is a pleasure for me because I like buying clothes, books and cosmetics. I usually do the shopping in nugget towns. I think there are more shopping opportunities. I go to Ostrava or Brno. In Brno most often into Vaňkova street. We can find there everything that we need under one roof. When we are tired of shopping we can go to a coffee bar or a restaurant to have a rest. I usually go shopping with my friend. Im always irresulate what to choose. She gives me a peace of advice.
Most often I like buying books. When I go to the bookshop I always spend there about one hour. Reading is my hobby. I have never left the bookshop without buying a book. For example in Ostrava there is a big bookshop called Librex.
But I don't like shopping foods so much. In our family my mother does the shopping. I thing mothers know what they are going to cook. But I do the shopping on Saturday and Sunday. My mother usually makes me a shopping list before I go to the shop. Because I always forget something to buy. Then I have to go to the shop once more. We go shopping to Albert. It's the nearest shop from our home. It takes me about 5 minutes to get there. I usually buy: bread, rolls, butter, milk, cheese, salami, fruit or vegetable.

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Pavla Bartozelová, 19 let, Valašské Meziříčí

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