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LABELS and PACKAGING (photo quiz #10)

Vydáno dne 08.01.2017

Desátý kvíz ze série “štítky a obaly”. K otázkám u deseti fotografií vyberte nejvhodnější odpověď. Po vyhodnocení se dozvíte zajímavosti z britských reálií.

  1. This is a set of preserving jars. What does “regular mouth” mean?

  2. This is a lovely packaging of bacon. What does it say?

  3. This is a bee log. Well, just the packaging to be precise. Do you know what it is used for?

  4. This is a strawberry huller and the photo clearly shows what it's good for. Can you guess why it's called “stem gem” though?

  5. This is a packaging of buttons, but not ordinary buttons. What is special about them?

  6. This is an oven liner and they say it's a magic liner too. What else do they say on the packaging?

  7. If you look up the word “tote” in your dictionary, you will probably find nothing. Still, you can easily buy various totes in Britain. What does this mysterious word mean?

  8. Micro greens is something that is becoming popular even in the Czech Republic. The writing on the left is not really legible, but still, can you guess what this item is?

  9. The name of this product is “dirt pot” and it's a planter (flower pot). This may be quite hard, because you can see very little. Can you guess what is special about it?

  10. Here you can't see the photo of the product on the packaging, just the description. But believe me, the photo would be even more confusing. What are these?

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