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Quiz: TV/Film terms

Vydáno dne 21.11.2016

Znáte výrazy spojené s televizní a filmovou terminologií? Otestujte se. Mohou se vám hodit i v běžných situacích.

  1. A brief appearance of a well-known person in a film or series. They typically appear as themselves or in a very minor role which is unnamed.

  2. Errors or mistakes, usually humorous, made by performers during filming. You can often find them as part of special features on DVDs.

  3. People who appear in movies in non-speaking, unrecognized character roles, such as part of a crowd.

  4. The second film in a series of films which shows events that are chronologically set before the time frame of the original film.

  5. Moveable objects (usually small) that are seen and sometimes used by actors on a film set.

  6. Information about the plot or ending of a film that may ruin the enjoyment of the film if known before watching it.

  7. A film or series that comes after a very popular TV show or film which includes a character or background from the original one.

  8. These are shown at the very beginning of a film or programme and list the most important members of the production.

  9. Something that happens in a film (usually at the end) that completely changes your view of the story.

  10. A very short movie trailer that only shows a few hints about the film.

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