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Vydáno dne 13.09.2017

Otestujte si znalost použití slovíček OTHER, THE OTHER, ANOTHER, OTHERS atd.

  1. When I was a kid, I had two beautiful cats. One was called Smokey and ________ was Bella. I absolutely adored them.

  2. We've invited ten people to the casting. When the director arrived, there were only six people sitting in the waiting room. And now he wants to know where are ________.

  3. Many people get up very early in the morning, because they start work early. I feel sorry for them. ________ , like me, may stay in bed until noon.

  4. Honey, the juicer is broken again. – Again? We will have to buy ________ one, then. I'll do it this afternoon, I promise.

  5. Poland, Germany and Spain are European countries. Can you name some ________ countries?

  6. I loved the book you lent me last month. Do you have ________ books by the same author that I could borrow?

  7. There were a lot of people at the party last night. I only knew two of them, though. The host and his wife. Who were ________ guests?

  8. Cheer up, Jack! It's your birthday party after all. Who wants ________ beer? I'm going to have one for sure.

  9. One of the many Christmas presents I got is quite stupid, dad, but ________ are great.

  10. Why do some volcanoes explode and ________ don't? Watch our next show.

Tento test je součástí výukového programu EnglishMe, který nabízí 5 800 testových otázek a mnoho dalších výhod. Více informací o tomto produktu naleznete zde.

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