Homophones #1 - the alphabet

Vydáno dne 19.01.2017

Homofony jsou slova, která stejně zní, ale jinak se píší. Zkuste si, zda znáte výrazy, které se vyslovují jako písmena anglické abecedy.

V každé větě doplňte jedno písmeno nebo jedno slovo tak, aby věta dávala smysl.
V některých případech vytvoříte doplněním písmene známou zkratku. (Písmena pište bez tečky.)
Doplněné slovo a písmeno se v každé dvojici vět musí vyslovovat stejně.

I don't know E.T., but I'd like to see it. Everybody says it's a good film.
Would you like some TEA?

My boss has lunch in a fast food restaurant every day, but don't like it.
There is something in my . Can you help me?

His I is high, but he can't talk to people.
Look, there's a long in the shop! Everybody wants the new Harry Potter book.

The Statue of Liberty is in N C.
You have an F in History? Can you tell me  ?

The capital of the USA is not New York. It's Washington D. .
Wow! Can you the girl? – Come on, that's my mom!

My roommate loves 2. She listens to them all day and night.
I'll have a steak with chips. What about  ?

When you are in danger, send S- -S.
no! I don't have my homework!

My brother-in-law works for I M.
“To or not to , that's the question,” said Hamlet.

Why do you still use this gigantic C when you can do the same things on a smartphone?
We had a soup for lunch.

I worked in P department for 2 years.
you mad? Turn the music down!

I broke my finger and I had to go to the hospital for an -ray.
I saw my with his new girlfriend.

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