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  1. Have you ever visited Majorca or Iviza? Yes, many times. I am very fond of ________ Balearic Islands!

  2. Could you find ________ Mount Everest on the map? – Why? Do you want to prove me?!

  3. There are two great deserts in Australia: ________ Great Sandy Desert and ________ Great Victoria Desert.

  4. Some small children really believe that “the violet Milka Cows” live in ________ Swiss Alps.

  5. ________ Netherlands lies in ________ western Europe.

  6. Are these people ________ Canadians? – No, they aren´t. She is ________ Brazilian and he comes from ________ Australia.

  7. He is fascinated by ________ Far East. He reads plenty of books and articles about it.

  8. Which river flows through Budapest? – It is easy for me. I live in Budapest. Its name is ________ Danube.

  9. Hans Christian Andersen, a famous fairy-tale writer, was born in ________ Odense (= city) in ________ Denmark.

  10. ________ Earth and ________ Mercury are two of the planets. Do you know any more?

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