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Zuzana Malá - 1st place, junior category

PRE-INTERMEDIATE Vydáno dne 29.09.2009

Vítězný příspěvek v kategorii ‚junior category‘ v soutěži SPUSA na téma „The Lessons You Taught Me“.

(all the essays were kept intact as submitted by the authors)

1st place

Junior category (up to 15 years of age)

Zuzana Malá

Masarykovo gymnázium, Plzeň

Dear Life,

I don't know anything about you but you've probably already heard about me. Despite that I'd like to introduce myself first. I'm your daughter, one of the "footloose blondes" - always laughing, always having fun. However, there is a problem: my secret and strange hobby called "thinking about everything very deeply". I know it's not so common and I don't do it very often but from time to time I try to.
That's the reason why I started to think about you, Life. Every day and every moment I feel how I'm a bit more mature than before. I'm probably growing up.

You teach me and I know that this letter is just another lesson to be learnt. I know tomorrow, after a week, after a month I'll sit and I'll read what I wrote to you and I'll be laughing and laughing just because I'll be thinking about having been so foolish.
And I'll think how much I've changed. And this will happen again and again and...

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that I'd like to thank you for all the lessons you've already taught me and also for the ones which are still ahead of me. I just want to ask: Will it ever end? Is there any ultimate point? Will we ever get to know at least the major part as well as we could? Of course, we can just enjoy our lives but I'm sure I'll make mistakes. So will other people. Sometimes we could hurt each other.

We aren't perfect but if we were, there would be a perfect world. We're the new generation and we can change it, we just have to know the way how to do it so please give me more lessons, or, give me some answers and cues to make my steps easier. And I don't really want to follow the same way as all the evil, stupid, hurting people or people being hurt whom I can usually meet. I promise I'll try hard and hope you will not be disappointed.

Love, Zuzka

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