Modern Cinderella

Vydáno dne 19.04.2006

A classical story of a beautiful young girl who gets to marry a prince, set in the beginning of the 21st century.

Once upon a time there was a typical young woman called Cinderella living in India. She was living with her stepfather, who was a drug dealer, and two selfish stepsisters at a fashionable house near the center of Delhi. She had experienced poverty when she was a child and therefore she was running a charity with the money which she inherited from her mother.

On 5th January 2005 the King of India Philip was organising a huge Winter Ball in his prestigious palace. This event symbolised the Royal Family's gratefulness to all the people who offered a financial help to those affected by the tsunami in Southern India and Philippines on 26th December 2004. 'On the other hand, there are also going to be hundreds of beautiful daughters of rich barons or kings from different countries. Hence our son might find a suitable girlfriend and afterwards they could get married,' said the King to his wife, analysing the situation.

Cinderella's charity had despatched ten thousand American dollars so she and her family were naturally invited as VIP guests. Everyone was pleased, except Cinderella. 'If the King'd used the money for building shelters for those helpless people, they wouldn't have been freezing in winter. And now, I'm not sure if he's used our money for buying alcohol,' said Cinderella, who refused to join her family. Her stepsisters were too busy shopping to listen to her. Anyway, Cinderella was so pig-headed that she didn't change her mind even when her stepfather tried to persuade her.

Disappointed, Cinderella stayed at home that day and worked consciously all the time till her mother's spirit appeared in the evening. Poor Cinderella was absolutely terrified and couldn't talk at all. She just heard a mystical voice coming from far away: 'Go there, my darling! You won't regret it!' Without knowing, she was staring for a while, and when she woke up, the spirit had already disappeared. So she was advised by her instinct and went to get ready.'But where to get a dress? All the shops must be closed by now,' she thought. Then she ordered everything she needed including a glamorous dress from an Internet shop which delivers its products within two hours.

After Cinderella arrived at the Ball by taxi she immediately attracted every man's attention; especially Prince John's who was astonished by this girl's incredible beauty. During their dance, unhappy Cinderella entrusted him with her opinion about the money invested in this Winter Ball. Although John hadn't known anything about where the money had come from, he comforted her with: 'My mum had to sell 60% of her antique jewellery to arrange this party in honour of the generosity of all guests who have come today. Don't worry, my dear. All the money from charities has been used to help the people in the South.' This simple answer satisfied Cinderella's anxiety so they carried on dancing until it was dawn outside and everyone was yawning. Unexpectedly, John abruptly took out a diamond ring and kneeled in front of her, asking: 'Will you marry me, my dearest Cinderella?' Of course, she answered:' Yes, I will,' with tears in her shiny eyes.

Consequently, the wedding was arranged for the next week, when 506 guests gathered. From what did they pay the party this time? Nobody knew, but the main point is that they lived happily ever after.

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