Cloze: The Man Who Saved Celtic Music

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Přečtete si článek o muži, který ‚zachránil keltskou hudbu‘, a doplňte 15 chybějících slov do textu.

Read the text and complete each gap with ONE WORD only.

The Man Who Saved Celtic Music

Francis O'NeillFamiliar with the name „Francis O'Neill“? The current wave of interest in Celtic music owes him a great debt – he's the person ___________________________(1) collected and published the music for thousands of Celtic tunes, making ___________________________(2) available to musicians all ___________________________(3) the world. O'Neill was born in 1848 in Ireland. When he was 16, he ___________________________(4) to the United States. ___________________________(5) his life, he was a rancher, a teacher, a Chicago policeman, and fathered ten children. He also ___________________________(6) the flute!

O'Neill (also known as „Chief O'Neill“) loved Celtic music. At that time, the music ___________________________(7) passed downtune at a time from one musician to  ___________________________(8) .

O'Neill did not read music – he played ___________________________(9) ear – but he became convinced ___________________________(10) the valueof saving Celtic tunes for prosperity by transcribing them into musical notation for ___________________________(11) generations. With the help of a fiddling sergeant in the Chicago police department who did read music, he managed to do so. He would play the tunes ___________________________(12) had learned ___________________________(13) other musicians; the sergeant would transcribe them into musical notation.

By the time O'Neill died in 1936, he ___________________________(14) collected and transcribednearly 3,500 tunes – ___________________________(15) of them dating back hundreds and hundreds of years!

article written by Joey Robichaux

About the author:
Joey Robichaux rides the Road Warrior circuit and has been playing some musical instrument for the past way-too-many years! He maintains the Free Sheet Music Downloads website offering thousands of free sheet music downloads at

Správné odpovědi: 1) who / that ; 2) it / them ; 3) around / round ; 4) moved / went ; 5) In / During ; 6) played / learned ; 7) was ; 8) another ; 9) by ; 10) of ; 11) future / next ; 12) he ; 13) from ; 14) had ; 15) some / most
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