Cloze: Cats

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Do textu o kočkách doplňte deset chybějících slov.

Read the text and complete each gap with ONE WORD only. TTT *1


  1. Do každé mezery v textu doplňte vždy jedno jediné slovo.

Cats have been closely connected ___________________________(1) humans for thousands ___________________________(2) years. Today cats are the second ___________________________(3) popular pet, with dogs being the first. If you are ___________________________(4) from your house for a longer period of time, either at ___________________________(5) or at school, a cat is the perfect pet for you.

Unlike other pets, cats do not need ___________________________(6) time, they only need to ___________________________(7) given food and a little attention. Cats can be great pets for anyone ___________________________(8) they are very adaptable and can live almost anywhere and would even live happily and comfortably ___________________________(9) a small apartment. Cats are very affectionate, playful and loyal to people of ___________________________(10)  ages.

adapted from an article written by Andrew McGregor

Správné odpovědi: 1) with ; 2) of ; 3) most ; 4) away ; 5) work ; 6) much ; 7) be ; 8) because / as ; 9) in ; 10) all
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