KET: Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 3a

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Cvičný test cambridgeské zkoušky KET, test 1, část 3a.

KET: Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 3a

Complete the five conversations:


Correct answer: A

  1. I'm sorry, we don't have your size.

    1. I hope so.
    2. I'll take it.
    3. What a pity!
  2. How long are you going to stay in Bangkok?

    1. For another three weeks.
    2. For the last three weeks.
    3. It took three weeks.
  3. See you tomorrow!

    1. Don't be late!
    2. I can't see.
    3. That's all right.
  4. I don't like this programme.

    1. I'll turn it on.
    2. Let's turn it off then.
    3. You didn't take it off.
  5. Can I leave early?

    1. Before 4.30.
    2. Not at all.
    3. Yes, that's fine.
Správné odpovědi: 1) c, 2) a, 3) a, 4) b, 5) c
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