PET: Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 1

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Cvičný test cambridgeské zkoušky PET, test 1, část 1. Přečtete si pět nápisů či vzkazů, a potom vyberete ze tří možností, co tyto nápisy znamenají.

PET: Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 1

Look at the text in each sign. What does it say?
Choose the correct answer. There is an example in 0.

question 0
a) You must stay with your luggage at all times.
b) Do not let someone else look after your luggage.
c) Remember your luggage when you leave.


    1. It is possible to reserve a disco ticket if you do so by tomorrow.
    2. Reserved tickets for the disco must be paid for today.
    3. Tickets for the disco can be collected after tomorrow.
    1. Press the button after the doors close.
    2. Press the button to close the lift doors.
    3. Press the button while the doors are closing.

  1. What does Fatima want Pablo to do?

    1. lend her a scarf
    2. look for the borrowed scarf
    3. return the scarf he borrowed

  2. Missa's Spanish class

    1. will be a day later than normal
    2. will no longer be on Thursday
    3. will not be in the evening this week
    1. This bottle contains enough medicine for one month.
    2. Unopened bottles of medicine must be thrown away within one month.
    3. You can use this medicine up to one month after opening it.
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) a, 3) b, 4) a, 5) c
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