PET: Listening, Sample 1, Part 4

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Cvičný poslechový test cambridgeské zkoušky PET, část 4. Uslyšíte krátkou konverzaci a odpovíte ANO/NE na několik otázek.

PET: Listening: Sample 1, Part 4

You will hear a conversation betweena girl, Lucy, and a boy, Edward, about pocket money.
Decide if each of the six sentences below is correct or incorrect.
You may listen to the recording TWICE.

1. At first, Edward thinks that Lucy gets enough money.  ________________________________ (1)

2. Lucy's friends get more pocket money than she does.  ________________________________ (2)

3. Lucy is happy to pay for her own music. ________________________________ (3)

4. Edward understands why Lucy's mother refuses to pay for housework.  ________________________________ (4)

5. Lucy's mother has promised her more pocket money next year.  ________________________________ (5)

6. Edward thinks that Lucy should stop asking for more pocket money.  ________________________________ (6)

    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
    1. a) No
    2. b) Yes
Správné odpovědi: 1) Yes , 2) No , 3) No , 4) Yes , 5) No , 6) No

Přepis nahrávky

<Boy: Are you OK Lucy? You don't look very happy.

Girl: Oh Edward. I've argued with my Mum again. I'm always complaining about not getting enough pocket money.

Boy: How much do you get?

Girl: Five pounds a week.

Boy: That sounds reasonable to me.

Girl: Well, I am fourteen and if you're going into town shopping, you can never have enough money because everything's so expensive.

Boy: But is it a fair amount of money compared to what your friends get?

Girl: Well, we all get the same but you can't compare my five pounds with my friends' five pounds. You see, I play a guitar and I have to buy all my music myself, as well as things I need for school. I think that's a bit unfair, I have hardly anything left to spend on clothes and make up.

Boy: Right. Do you have to help around the house?

Girl: Not really.

Boy: So, you don't have to do anything for this pocket money?

Girl: I keep asking my mum to pay me to do things for her around the house. Then I could buy clothes with the extra money and spend my pocket money on things for school.

Boy: Well, that would be good for both of you but I can see why your Mum's not keen because you'd never have time to do your school work. But, has your Mum said to you, you can have more next year when you're 15?

Girl: Well, Mum just says she'll decide when I'm ready to have more and I've just got to wait.

Boy: Well, perhaps your Mum thinks it's a question of being grown up. Maybe you should sit down with her and say, ‘What signs are you looking for, how can I prove that I'm old enough to get more?

Girl: So I should talk to her again?

Boy: Yes, but don't complain and get angry – just discuss it calmly as you have with me.

Girl: OK, thanks.

Boy: That's all right. Let me know how you get on.

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