CAE: Listening, part 2

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Cvičný poslechový test cambridgské zkoušky CAE, část 2.

CAE: Listening, part 2

You will hear an announcement on the radio inviting people to take part in a tree-planting project. For questions 1-8, complete the sentences.

Listen very carefully as you will hear the recording ONCE only.

You now have 45 seconds to look at the questions. Then start the recording.

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The name of the group organising the event is ___________________________(1)

The only piece of equipment you are asked to bring is a  ___________________________(2)

The money to pay for the trees has come from ___________________________(3)

The trees are being planted on what used to be ___________________________(4) land.

It is planned to make a number of ___________________________(5) among the trees for visitors.

The trees are being planted on the ___________________________(6) side of the village.

The site entrance will be marked by a ___________________________(7) today.

If you are going to help with the digging, you are advised to wear ___________________________(8) (… and …)

Správné odpovědi: 1) the Green Partnership / Green Partnership ; 2) spade / a spade ; 3) the government / government ; 4) farm / farming ; 5) footpaths / paths ; 6) western / west ; 7) large yellow notice / large notice ; 8) boots and gloves / gloves and boots
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