FCE: Use of English, part 5

Vydáno dne 17.04.2007

Cvičný test cambridgeské zkoušky FCE zaměřený na gramatiku a slovní zásobu, část 5. Jedná se o tzv. word formation – tvoření slov od slova základového.

Doplňte mezery slovy vytvořenými pomocí výrazu v závorce.

I'm a great *lover***(LOVE)** of bread. Whenever I smell freshly baked bread, it reminds me of my early ___________________________(1) (CHILD)when I used to visit the little bakery that my grandfather owned.

And, of course, there are ___________________________(2) (VARY) good medical reasons why we should not forget the ___________________________(3) (IMPORTANT) of eating plenty of bread. Bread contains nearly all the protein needed for children's ___________________________(4) (GROW) and for adults to stay fit and well.We can get a ___________________________(5) (THREE) of our daily protein ___________________________(6) (REQUIRE) from just six slices of bread.

Bread, ___________________________(7) (LIKE) some popular foods which are not particulary good for you, gives ___________________________(8) (STRONG) to bones and teeth when they are developing and keeps them healthy as we get older. ___________________________(9) (ADDITION), bread helps us to feel ___________________________(10) (ENERGY) as it contains iron as well as several essential vitamins.

Správné odpovědi: 1) childhood ; 2) various ; 3) importance ; 4) growth ; 5) third ; 6) requirement / requirements ; 7) unlike ; 8) strength ; 9) Additionally ; 10) energetic
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