Cvičení: Frázová slovesa s GO

Vydáno dne 30.07.2007

Cvičení na frázová slovesa se slovesem GO, ve kterém budete mít za úkol do deseti vět doplnit správnou částici či předložku.

Do každé mezery doplňte vždy jedno jediné slovo - částici či předložku.

1. A young boy was seriously injured when a gun went ___________________________(1) in his hand.

2. Going ___________________________(2) a break-up can be really tough.

3. „Would you mind if I opened the window?“ – „No, not at all. Go  ___________________________(3) .“

4. If you're going ___________________________(4) a management position, focus on your communication and team-building skills in your resumé.

5. The band couldn't play because one of the members had gone ___________________________(5) with a cold.

6. These pills don't go very well ___________________________(6) alcohol.

7. Most parents have no idea what goes ___________________________(7) at such parties – drugs and alcohol are everywhere.

8. My favorite Friends episode is the one when Joey and Rachel go ___________________________(8) together. They would make a great couple. Pity it was just one date.

9. Bush always goes ___________________________(9) about terrorism and the threat of Muslim extremists.

10. The fire finally went ___________________________(10) and all was dark.

Správné odpovědi: 1) off ; 2) through / thru ; 3) ahead ; 4) for ; 5) down ; 6) with ; 7) on ; 8) out ; 9) on ; 10) out
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