Cvičení: Frázová slovesa s BRING

Vydáno dne 22.08.2007

Cvičení na frázová slovesa se slovesem BRING, ve kterém budete mít za úkol do deseti vět doplnit správnou částici či předložku.

Do každé mezery doplňte vždy jedno jediné slovo - částici či předložku.

1. We had a class re-union last week. Seeing all those people brought ___________________________(1) so many memories.

2. Her little business brings ___________________________(2) only a few hundred dollars a month, so she has to look for another job to make ends meet.

3. She brought ___________________________(3) a lot of good points at the meeting but nobody seemed to pay her any attention.

4. If your child has a temperature of 104 or higher, and you can't bring the temperature ___________________________(4) at home, call your doctor.

5. She had to bring her children ___________________________(5) to a job interview because there was no one who could look after them.

6. She brought her son ___________________________(6) in Christian tradition.

7. The roads have been much safer since new laws were brought ___________________________(7) to ban the use of mobile phones while driving.

8. She tried really hard to win the school writing contest but she didn't bring it  ___________________________(8) .

9. This special Danish oil is used by furniture makers to bring ___________________________(9) the beauty of the wood.

10. In case of a drug overdose, call an ambulance immediately and put the person in the recovery position. Don't try to bring them ___________________________(10) by hitting or burning them. Causing pain won't help if they are unconscious.

Správné odpovědi: 1) back ; 2) in ; 3) up ; 4) down ; 5) along ; 6) up ; 7) in ; 8) off ; 9) out ; 10) round / around
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