Idiomatic English - Revision 1-5

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Opakování zaměřené na idiomatická spojení obsažená v testech Idiomatic English 1–5.

  1. Please ________ for me. I'm taking a really difficult test tomorrow.

    1. cross your mind
    2. get your hopes up
    3. keep the strings attached
    4. keep your fingers crossed
  2. My boss keeps bugging me about unimportant things. I don't think I can ________ anymore!

    1. jump the gun
    2. keep a profile
    3. look him in the eye
    4. take it
  3. You can't tell your daughter who she can and who she can't date. ________.

    1. It's not your call
    2. She's off the hook
    3. You had a change of heart
    4. You had it coming
  4. There are many great actors in the movie Rat Race. Whoopi Goldberg, ________.

    1. for starters
    2. for the record
    3. in a nutshell
    4. out of the box
  5. ________ – Sure, knock yourself out.

    1. Are you ok?
    2. Can I help you with that bag?
    3. I'm taller than you, don't you think?
    4. You think I'm lazy?
  6. You want to study at Harvard? I think ________.

    1. that's on a tight schedule
    2. that's out of your league
    3. you're out of line here
    4. you're taking the high road
  7. I'm going to call it a day. ________

    1. I've decided to take today off.
    2. I've done more than enough today.
    3. It's going to be a busy day.
    4. Really, it was the best day of my life!
  8. Give him ________! He's trying the best he can.

    1. a break
    2. credit for
    3. off the hook
    4. some slack
  9. Do you know the actress Alicia Silverstone? – Silverstone? No, that doesn't ________.

    1. have a clue
    2. have a point
    3. hit the sack
    4. ring a bell
  10. Let's watch a movie tonight. ________ mood for?

    1. What are you in the
    2. What do you have a
    3. What's on your
    4. What's your
Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme!, která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.
Správné odpovědi: 1) d, 2) d, 3) a, 4) a, 5) b, 6) b, 7) b, 8) a, 9) d, 10) a
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