Multiple choice: The Golden Girls

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Do textu o klasickém americkém seriálu doplníte chybějící slova (výběrem z nabídky).

The Golden Girls The Golden GirlsThe Golden Girls is a TV show which ________________________________ (1) from September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992, and still enjoys an hour block on Lifetime. It features four women, three of ________________________________ (2) are on the upper end of middle age, and one who is well beyond. The main characters are Dorothy (divorced), Rose (widowed), Blanche (widowed), and Sophia (widowed). Sophia, who is the ________________________________ (3) of the girls, is Dorothy's mother, which creates an interesting dynamic. Each of the girls has a distinct role ________________________________ (4) the show. Rose is the lovable, but almost intolerably dumb, character from rural Minnesota. She, like Sophia, enjoys telling long stories. Unlike Sophia's stories, ________________________________ (5) rarely have any point to them. Dorothy is the former English teacher of the bunch, so her character not only makes references that the other characters don't ________________________________ (6) , but also tends to try to over analyze. Blanche is the Southern Belle, and the only one of the group who continually has ________________________________ (7) good luck with men, leading her to be referred to as “slut,” “trollop,” “tramp,” “hussy,” among other colorful epithets. Sophia, Dorothy's mother, is an Italian immigrant who uses her age and implied senility as an excuse ________________________________ (8) constantly insult and deride the other girls. However, when needed, she is there for them. While this show is billed as a comedy, it ________________________________ (9) serious issues as well. Some of the plot lines include artificial insemination, addiction, and same-sex marriage, during a time when ________________________________ (10) of these was extremely controversial.

    1. a) ran
    2. b) shown
    3. c) was
    4. d) went
    1. a) that
    2. b) they
    3. c) which
    4. d) whom
    1. a) elder
    2. b) eldest
    3. c) older
    4. d) oldest
    1. a) at
    2. b) in
    3. c) of
    4. d) on
    1. a) don't
    2. b) her
    3. c) hers
    4. d) she
    1. a) get
    2. b) give
    3. c) have
    4. d) know
    1. a) ---
    2. b) a
    3. c) many
    4. d) the
    1. a) at
    2. b) for
    3. c) of
    4. d) to
    1. a) tackles
    2. b) tangles
    3. c) tickles
    4. d) tingles
    1. a) both
    2. b) each
    3. c) every
    4. d) much
Správné odpovědi: 1) ran , 2) whom , 3) oldest , 4) on , 5) hers , 6) get , 7) --- , 8) to , 9) tackles , 10) each

Article written by Gaijin

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