Idiomatic English - Revision 6-10

Vydáno dne 11.09.2008

Opakování zaměřené na idiomatická spojení obsažená v testech Idiomatic English 6–10.

  1. “He got promoted and now all his co-workers hate him .” – “Yeah, ________.”

    1. go figure
    2. humor me
    3. no can do
    4. no offense
  2. To be a kick-ass musician, you have to start at a very early age. For you, ________, my friend.

    1. chivalry's dead
    2. that ship has sailed
    3. the ball's in your court
    4. those strings are pulled
  3. I can't ________ remember what my mom told me to buy. I should have made a list.

    1. for the life of me
    2. for the record
    3. for the world
    4. for what it's worth
  4. I know what it's like being ________. I always say things that make my girlfriend mad at me.

    1. guilty as charged
    2. in the doghouse
    3. off the top of my head
    4. under the weather
  5. “Chris asked me out. Do you think I should go?” – “I've been there. You don't want to ________, believe me.”

    1. count him in
    2. get things straight
    3. go down that road
    4. keep in the loop
  6. We were going to grab some dinner but we'll have to ________ until tomorrow. Something important has come up.

    1. get to second base
    2. have second thoughts
    3. sell ourselves short
    4. take a rain check
  7. That A in the history quiz totally ________. You see, I've never been good at history.

    1. humored me
    2. made my day
    3. pulled a few strings
    4. sweetened the pot
  8. I was skeptical about the book at first but ________.

    1. I totally sold myself short
    2. it totally beat me to the punch
    3. it totally blew my mind
    4. it totally gave me the benefit of the doubt
  9. Okay, you can stay here ________. But promise you'll keep looking for a place of your own.

    1. at large
    2. for good
    3. for the time being
    4. for what it's worth
  10. Don't worry, I'm sure Marty will be absolutely ________ with his baby brother or sister.

    1. down the line
    2. in the loop
    3. out of the blue
    4. over the moon
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