Country life vs. City life

Vydáno dne 05.10.2008

Maturitní otázka – srovnání života na venkově a ve městě; výhody, nevýhody, otázky.

1. Describe village life and city life.

Life in the country is (quiet, calm, peaceful, cheaper, safer, more boring...)

Life in the city is (busy, noisy, expensive, dangerous, exciting...)

2. Advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life.

Country life

Advantages: (nature, privacy, fresh air...)

Disadvantages: (worse traffic connection, fewer job opportunities, less culture...)

City life

Advantages: (educational, working and culture opportunities, rich social life...)

Disadvantages: (high criminality, air pollution, rush...)

3. Where do you live?

4. Do you live in a town or a city?

5. Are you happy where you are?

6. Tell us about the cultural and educational opportunities where you live.

7. What sort of recreational and sightseeing opportunities has your area got?

Places of interest:

8. What public services and industries exist where you live?

9. Do you like your area? Would you like to stay there for the rest of your life?

10. Woud you like to live somewhere else? (comment...)

Yes, I would / No, I wouldn't because

11. If you lived abroad, what would you miss most?

If I lived abroad, I would miss...

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