CPE: Reading, part 1, text 1

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Cvičný test cambridgské zkoušky CPE, první text první části sekce READING. Lexical Cloze – doplňování chybějících výrazů do textu.

CPE, READING, part 1, text 1

Read the text below and decide which answer best fits each gap.

Keas - not just pretty parrots

Few birds are as ________________________________ (1) curious as keas.New research shows how these New Zealand parrots channel that curiosity for maximum benefit: they ________________________________ (2) up tips by watching each other.Keas are notorious for investigating and, in the ________________________________ (3) , often destroying everything from rubbish bins to windscreen wipers. Ludwig Huber and colleagues from the University of Vienna have found that in keas, which live in family flocks, social learning affects patterns of curiosity.In their experiments, the keas' task was to open a steel box with a complex locking mechanism. Two birds were gradually trained as ‚models‘ and then they ________________________________ (4) the task again under the watchful gaze of keas who were new to the job. ________________________________ (5) enough, birds who had watched a demonstrationhad a much higher success ________________________________ (6) than keas who had never watched one.

This is an official sample of a CPE test. Copyright © Cambridge University ESOL.
Used with permission.

    1. a) hungrily
    2. b) insatiably
    3. c) thirstily
    4. d) unmanageably
    1. a) lift
    2. b) pick
    3. c) pull
    4. d) take
    1. a) measure
    2. b) procedure
    3. c) process
    4. d) technique
    1. a) enacted
    2. b) performed
    3. c) presented
    4. d) staged
    1. a) Certain
    2. b) Fair
    3. c) Sure
    4. d) True
    1. a) occurrence
    2. b) percentage
    3. c) proportion
    4. d) rate
Správné odpovědi: 1) insatiably , 2) pick , 3) process , 4) performed , 5) Sure , 6) rate
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