It Wouldn't Be Christmas

Vydáno dne 05.12.2008

Americká vánoční koleda k poslechu doplněná textem i českým překladem.

It Wouldn't Be Christmas

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wouldn't be christmas without you
We hang the lights
Have snowball fights
And sing our favorite tunes
All of these are memories
I make each year with you

We dress up the douglas together
And watch 'It's a Wonderful Life'
I look foward to every December
Because you're always here by my side

It wouldn't be Christmas without you
The season would just come and go
The holiday cheer would all disappear
Along with the sleigh bells and snow
Santa and eight little reindeer
Might as well pass on through
'Cause baby it wouldn't be Christmas without you

Written and performed by Scott Krippayne (c) 2006
Used with permission.

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