Grammar Theme Park: Christmas (Advanced)

Vydáno dne 15.12.2008

Obecný test pro pokročilé angličtináře, kde se všechny otázky týkají Vánoc.

  1. It's through the chimney ________ Santa Claus gets into the house.

    1. how
    2. that
    3. through which
    4. which
  2. My father tried ________ down the chimney once but got stuck and we had to call the fire brigade to get him out of there.

    1. a climbing
    2. climb
    3. climbing
    4. to climb
  3. This DVD is the only thing that my son asked ________.

    1. for for Christmas
    2. for Christmas
    3. for Christmas for
    4. Christmas for
  4. ________ Christmas with my in-laws this year. It's going to be a nightmare.

    1. We'll have spent
    2. We're in to spend
    3. We're to spend
    4. We're to spending
  5. The twins were disappointed because ________ found what they wished for under the Christmas tree.

    1. neither
    2. no one of them
    3. none
    4. none of them
  6. You know I can't stand your mother but I'll invite her to Christmas dinner if it ________ you happy.

    1. has made
    2. makes
    3. will make
    4. would make
  7. What special gifts do you suggest ________ my wife? I'm out of ideas.

    1. me to give
    2. that I give
    3. to give
    4. to giving
  8. “If only Santa ________ already!” the boy thought. He had been awake for a few hours waiting for the sound of hooves on the roof.

    1. came
    2. had come
    3. will come
    4. would come
  9. While many people ________ realize what the real meaning of Christmas is, we know that it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

    1. cannot
    2. may not
    3. should not
    4. will not
  10. A bright star guided the three magi to the place where Baby Jesus ________.

    1. had been lain
    2. had lied
    3. lay
    4. was laying
  11. Santa Claus is ________ to have been based on St Nicholas, a 4th century Orthodox Christian priest.

    1. ---
    2. said
    3. supposedly
    4. told
  12. It seems that Santa was ________ with gifts for me this year. I only got one present.

    1. lavish
    2. reckless
    3. stingy
    4. uptight
  13. It's the elves who do all the hard work. All Santa does is ________ in the mall pretending to be nice.

    1. ride in his sleigh and sit
    2. rides in his sleigh and sits
    3. riding in his sleigh and sitting
    4. that he rides in his sleigh and sits
  14. Children believe that Santa lives on ________ Pole.

    1. North
    2. Northern
    3. the North
    4. the Northern
  15. Although it was the last class before Christmas break, ________ eager students showed up. One would have expected them to be gone for the holidays already.

    1. a few
    2. a great deal of
    3. a small deal of
    4. few
Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme!, která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) d, 3) a, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c, 7) b, 8) d, 9) b, 10) c, 11) b, 12) c, 13) a, 14) c, 15) a
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