Cloze: Schuyler Fisk at the Hotel Café

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Do textu o koncertu americké zpěvačky a herečky Schuyler Fisk doplníte 20 chybějícíh slov.

Přečtete si text o a do každé mezery doplňte jedno (jediné) slovo, které se tam nejlépe hodí.

Schuyler Fisk at the Hotel Café

Schuyler Fisk„Watch ___________________________(1) for flying glasses,“ Schuyler – pronounced ‚Sky-ler‘ – Fisk warned the audience once the indie acoustic guitarist/vocalist and her crew were warmed up and ready ___________________________(2) roll three songs deep into their show at the Hotel Café in Hollywood Thursday.

During Fisk's last performance of „The Good Stuff,“ guitarist Jason Kanakis was reportedly rocking ___________________________(3) hard his glasses flung into the crowd.

In the small, black-walled, musical café, the bystanders huddled around the stage ___________________________(4) close enough to be victims of anything ___________________________(5) might go flying.

The „good stuff“ really began as ___________________________(6) as the song started up and continued until the end of the show. High-pitched beats offset by low-key strums in the song's introduction quickly picked up the pace as Fisk's vocals entered. Fisk began with gentle, sassy vocals that quickly grew a pitch higher ___________________________(7) she belted out the song's chorus.

„There's still enough of the good stuff to go around,“ Fisk sang. And there was plenty to go around for the remainder ___________________________(8) the show – almost too much, as the end of the set came too quickly. Fisk ___________________________(9) have easily played for at least two more hours and still left the crowd hungry ___________________________(10)  more.

Before she began playing, the crowd eagerly awaited her musical treats as she set herself up in the dimly lit soul lounge. All eyes were glued to her as she tweaked her guitar and fidgeted to make final adjustments ___________________________(11) she started. „Right before my last show I spilled chicken noodle soup on my capo,“ Fisk later admitted as she continued to make minor adjustments between songs. „It got through that show, but now it is ___________________________(12) me trouble.“

The packed house was entranced by all her melodies – new and old – from the start. Early ___________________________(13) the show, Fisk debuted a newer song, „Afterglow.“Fisk followed with one of her older songs, „Fall Apart Today,“ a slow song she dedicated to those who have ever suffered ___________________________(14) breakup – inevitably something everyone in attendance could relate ___________________________(15) . The song uses soft acoustics accompanied by a pleading voice from Fisk. Fisk's melodies were more than soothing and a reminder of the bittersweet pain love causes.

Fisk, a California native, was raised in Virginia, which she claims is her real hometown since it is ___________________________(16) she spent her childhood. Thursday evening, ___________________________(17) , she seemed comforted to be back in her Los Angeles birthplace. „It feels good to be home,“ she sighed.

Her first full album is set to be released this year. The package will ___________________________(18) a doubt include some of her past favorites, „Who I am to You“ and „Hello.“

„Hello“ is a playful song in which Fisk sings to a past lover she just can't ___________________________(19) off her mind. Despite somewhat melancholy lyrics, Fisk manages to maintain upbeat vocals and finely tuned strums. The song can't help ___________________________(20) make the listener feel hopeful and optimistic. Lyrics in the last verse, „Goodbye. I'll let you go, I'll get back to life,“ were followed by the chorus which ends, „They say you'll be happier, better off without me.“ Judging from her fans' reactions at the show, audiences won't be happier without Fisk.

Adapted from an article at The Poly Post
Used with permission.

Správné odpovědi: 1) out ; 2) to ; 3) so ; 4) were ; 5) that / which ; 6) soon ; 7) as / when ; 8) of ; 9) could ; 10) for ; 11) before ; 12) giving / causing ; 13) in ; 14) a ; 15) to ; 16) where ; 17) however / though ; 18) without ; 19) get ; 20) but

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