CPE: Listening, part 1

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Cvičný test cambridgské zkoušky CPE, první část sekce Listening.

CPE, Listening, part 1

You'll hear four different extracts. For questions 1–8, choose the answer which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

  1. Extract 1

    You hear part of a radio programme about science-fiction films.

    1) The speaker compares science-fiction films with myths to make the point that they ________.

    1. create an imaginary universe
    2. have a universal appeal
    3. show people in a heroic light
  2. According to the speaker, why did science-fiction films begin to go out of fashion?

    1. Audiences were increasingly critical.
    2. The films became more factual.
    3. There was over-use of special effects.
  3. Extract 2

    You hear part of a talk about science and public opinion.

    3) The speaker uses the example of genetics to underline people's ________.

    1. inability to understand deep concepts
    2. vulnerability in the face of false claims from scientists
    3. willingness to believe a good story
  4. What is the speaker doing in this part of the talk?

    1. complaining about our lack of imagination
    2. encouraging us to take science more seriously
    3. questioning our faith in scientific findings
  5. Extract 3

    You hear part of a talk on the radio in which a novelist describes how she writes.

    5) What is the novelist's opinion of writing thrillers?

    1. She considers the actual process of writing them rather dull.
    2. She finds the task of creating the plot complicated.
    3. She thinks the language she can use in a thriller is too limited.
  6. How does the novelist feel when she is writing the end of a book?

    1. excited at the thought of readers discovering her novel
    2. proud of having created another original work
    3. surprised that everything has fallen into place
  7. Extract 4

    You hear an environmentalist talking about alien plant species.

    7) The speaker is concerned about alien plant species because their presence ________.

    1. encourages the introduction of harmful diseases
    2. changes the climatic conditions in certain areas
    3. reduces the overall number of different plants
  8. According to the speaker, why were alien plant species introduced?

    1. to eliminate certain insect pests
    2. to improve native plant stocks
    3. to make an area visually attractive
Správné odpovědi: 1) c, 2) a, 3) c, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c, 7) c, 8) c

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