Irregular Verbs: TEST (pre-intermediate 2)

Vydáno dne 29.10.2009

Otestujte si znalosti nepravidelných sloves v druhém testu úrovně PRE-INTERMEDIATE.

Vyberte nejvhodnější sloveso a doplňte do každé věty jeho správný tvar:

  bring let
  begin pay
  keep spend
  leave stand
  lend win
  1. The teacher entered the classroom, but the students ___________________________(1) talking, not paying any attention to him.
  2. I bought the bike two months ago and ___________________________(2) a lot of money for it and you know what? I saw it in a shop window yesterday. It was half off!
  3. Do you know that the man who ___________________________(3) the race is my brother? – Really? I had no idea.
  4. He was broke last month so I ___________________________(4) him some money, but he hasn't paid me back yet. I don't think he ever will.
  5. John ___________________________(5) in the queue for almost 45 minutes and when it was finally his turn to buy, they told him they'd just sold the last piece.
  6. We didn't want to come empty-handed so we at least ___________________________(6) a bottle of wine.
  7. Susan just wanted to buy a packet of cigarettes so she ___________________________(7) her dog in the car.
  8. When I wanted to leave the house, it ___________________________(8) to rain quite heavily so I took an umbrella.
  9. It was a busy Friday afternoon, but I needed to leave at 3 o'clock so I asked my boss and he, surprisingly, ___________________________(9) me go.
  10. Janet ___________________________(10) the whole afternoon reading a book and otherwise doing nothing.
Správné odpovědi: 1) kept ; 2) paid ; 3) won ; 4) lent ; 5) stood ; 6) brought ; 7) left ; 8) began ; 9) let ; 10) spent
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