Irregular Verbs: TEST (upper-inter. 3)

Vydáno dne 17.11.2009

Otestujte si znalosti nepravidelných sloves ve třetím testu úrovně UPPER-INTERMEDIATE.

Vyberte nejvhodnější sloveso a doplňte do každé věty jeho správný tvar:

  bear slay
  dwell sling
  forsake slink
  hew smite
  shed stride
  1. When he broke up with her, she ___________________________(1) a tear or two, but that was it. After all, they'd been together for only a month when that happened.
  2. The brave prince ___________________________(2) the five-headed dragon and rescued the princess. They were then, naturally, supposed to get married, so he proposed. The princess, however, turned him down.
  3. Once ___________________________(3) , the marble was transported from the quarry to the workshop ten miles away, where it was carved by sculptors.
  4. When Josh was told he was fired, he didn't say a word, angrily ___________________________(4) out of his supervisor's office and left the building. Only then did he realize how stupid a behaviour it had been.
  5. Susan was ___________________________(5) by his good looks and found herself saying yes to his invitation for coffee. As it turned out, though, he was a complete idiot and they never saw each other again.
  6. Then, out of the blue, after dating him for only a month, she ___________________________(6) her family and friends, just for her new lover's sake. It was a major shock for all of us.
  7. He hopped up on the box almost falling down. It ___________________________(7) his weight just fine so he leant against the wall, stretched his hand and groped for the key lying on the window sill.
  8. The lives of the people who ___________________________(8) on the island were considerably influenced by the local priest, who worshipped gods and often sacrificed their oxen, sheep and goats.
  9. He slowly lifted the keys that were lying on the bench and ___________________________(9) past the sleeping guard, unlocking the door carefully and pushing it open without a sound.
  10. Jack waved us goodbye, ___________________________(10) the heavy bag over his shoulder and set off for the bus station.
Správné odpovědi: 1) shed ; 2) slew ; 3) hewn / hewed ; 4) strode ; 5) smitten ; 6) forsook ; 7) bore ; 8) dwelt / dwelled ; 9) slunk ; 10) slung
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