Irregular Verbs: TEST (intermediate 4)

Vydáno dne 25.11.2009

Otestujte si znalosti nepravidelných sloves ve čtvrtém testu úrovně INTERMEDIATE. Jako obvykle se můžete při vyhodnocení naučit užitečná slovíčka a vazby.

Vyberte nejvhodnější sloveso a doplňte do každé věty jeho správný tvar:

  burst speed
  hang spit
  lead split
  leap spoil
  shine strike
  1. The whole situation was so ridiculous, that we all simply ___________________________(1) into unstoppable laughter.
  2. I kind of ___________________________(2) myself last week and bought a new SLR camera. It was really expensive, but I must say it was worth all the money spent.
  3. We tried to have a civilized conversation at the table after dinner, but as usual it ___________________________(3) into an argument over who should wash the dishes and walk the dog.
  4. The silver moon ___________________________(4) faintly through the clouds, illuminating the path. The woman reached a small clearing where she sat on a rock and rested.
  5. The policeman intended to pull the car over, but when the driver noticed the officer waving his hand at him, he ___________________________(5) up and drove away.
  6. When the curtain rose for the next act, the audience noticed right away that the backdrop had been ___________________________(6) upside down. The actors, surprisingly, kept playing like nothing was wrong.
  7. It had been raining and the streets were wet. The boy ___________________________(7) happily over the puddles, singing along. It was the last day of school.
  8. My daughter was cooking for the first time. I tasted the soup, but quickly ___________________________(8) it out. It was simply inedible. Luckily, she didn't notice.
  9. Our house was ___________________________(9) by lightning last night, but very little damage was done, because we'd had a lightning conductor installed.
  10. Jason had a date with a new girl last Friday. At the end of the dinner, they ___________________________(10) the bill. I mean he didn't offer to pay. And now she won't return any of his phone calls.
Správné odpovědi: 1) burst ; 2) spoilt / spoiled ; 3) led ; 4) shone ; 5) sped / speeded ; 6) hung ; 7) leapt / leaped ; 8) spat / spit ; 9) struck ; 10) split
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