Irregular Verbs: FINAL TEST (pre-intermediate)

Vydáno dne 13.12.2009

10 nepravidelných sloves úrovně PRE-INTERMEDIATE, ve kterých jste nejvíce chybovali. Pojďte si je zopakovat. Při vyhodnocení se opět můžete naučit spoustu užitečných slovíček a vazeb.

Vyberte nejvhodnější sloveso a doplňte do každé věty jeho správný tvar. Doplňte vždy pouze jedno slovo.

  catch choose
  draw hold
  fall mean
  feel rise
  fly teach
  1. Do you really think I ___________________________(1) to hurt her on purpose? I don't know what I was thinking and why I said something like that.
    1. Sarah needed to be there as quickly as possible so she booked a plane ticket and ___________________________(2)  there.
    2. I'm sure the car accident ___________________________(3) him a lesson. He almost killed himself for Christ's sake, driving like crazy.
    3. In the night the dew ___________________________(4) on the petals, leaves and grass. It was a beautiful morning, yet very wet.
    4. I ___________________________(5) a cold yesterday when I went shopping just wearing a light sweatshirt. I didn't realize it's already December.
    5. The temperature ___________________________(6) dramatically by 15 degrees yesterday and now it's scorching hot. I wish it was spring again, or autumn for that matter.
    6. She ___________________________(7) me a map of how to get to her house, but I got lost twice and had to call her. In the end she told me to wait for her in a nearby café.
    7. After she failed the test, she ___________________________(8) really miserable, but then decided not to give up and try again next year.
    8. Why have you ___________________________(9) to apply for this position? You don't even have the required qualifications, let alone the experience.
    9. Jessica ___________________________(10) her breath and sank under the surface looking for her lost earring, but without much luck.
Správné odpovědi: 1) meant ; 2) flew ; 3) taught ; 4) fell ; 5) caught ; 6) rose ; 7) drew ; 8) felt ; 9) chosen ; 10) held
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