Grammar Theme Park: The Environment (A)

Vydáno dne 05.01.2010

Gramatický test, ve kterém se všechny věty týkají nějakého konkrétního tématu, tentokráte je to životní prostředí. Verze A.

  1. Recent analyses of ice cores show that carbon dioxide levels were ________ lower over the last 600,000 years than they are now.

    1. much the
    2. quite
    3. very
    4. very much
  2. The problem of global warming is ________ as one of the most serious environmental problems of our time.

    1. considered
    2. regarded
    3. suggested
    4. thought
  3. Not only ________ this planet, but we have completely wiped out hundreds of species.

    1. do we pollute
    2. pollute we
    3. polluting
    4. we pollute
  4. The last pied raven was shot in the late 1940s. The species ________ saved but people were too ignorant.

    1. can have been
    2. could be
    3. could have been
    4. were able to be
  5. The only way to stop overpopulation is to reduce the birth rate. This ________ a question of whether people have a right to have children.

    1. brings
    2. evokes
    3. lifts
    4. raises
  6. If you want to save money and the environment, try ________ less detergent, shampoo and other cleaning materials.

    1. to use
    2. to using
    3. usage
    4. using
  7. It's by sorting and recycling our garbage ________ we can save the planet.

    1. by which
    2. how
    3. that
    4. which
  8. Fortunately, ________ no longer on the list of endangered species.

    1. a bald eagle is
    2. bald eagle is
    3. bald eagles are
    4. the bald eagle is
  9. Mike and Debbie used to be good friends but they fell ________ over the issue of climate change. Mike believes it's just a scam, a tool being used to make certain individuals rich.

    1. apart
    2. off
    3. out
    4. over
  10. The idea of using public transport instead of driving is nice but it's not what most people are willing to put ________.

    1. on up with a daily basis
    2. on with a daily basis
    3. up on a daily basis with
    4. up with on a daily basis
  11. According to S. Edwards, a million species ________ by 2050.

    1. are going to disappear
    2. will be disappearing
    3. will have been disappearing
    4. will have disappeared
  12. Despite everything we hear from TV and the radio, people ________ to destroy the planet.

    1. continue
    2. don't mind
    3. go on
    4. seem unable to avoid
  13. According to research, forests are dying twice ________ they did 20 years ago because of climate change.

    1. as fast as
    2. as fast than
    3. faster than
    4. more fast as
  14. If you'd seen Al Gore's movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, you ________ a lot differently about the issue of global warming.

    1. had felt
    2. were feeling
    3. would feel
    4. would have felt
  15. I had ________ success with my conservation project in my company. It was dismissed as being too costly.

    1. a few
    2. a little
    3. few
    4. little
Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme!, která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.
Správné odpovědi: 1) d, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) d, 6) d, 7) c, 8) d, 9) c, 10) d, 11) d, 12) a, 13) a, 14) c, 15) d
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