IF vs. IN CASE (test)

Vydáno dne 08.04.2011

Umíte správně použít spojku IF a spojení IN CASE?

  1. I know it's not raining now, but did you see the forecast on TV last night? I think you should take an umbrella ________.

    1. for the case of rain
    2. if it rains
    3. in case it rains
    4. in case it'll rain
  2. You can call me any time, ________ any further questions. I am happy to help you with virtually anything.

    1. if you should have
    2. if you will have
    3. in case you have
    4. in case you will have
  3. Sorry, Jack, I can't go with you. I'm expecting a very important phone call. I would rather stay here ________ .

    1. for the case of Mr Smith calling
    2. if Mr Smith phones
    3. in case Mr Smith phones
    4. in case of Mr Smith calling
  4. Why don't you take out insurance, ________.

    1. if the package gets damaged
    2. if the package should get damaged
    3. in case the package gets damaged
    4. in case the package will get damaged
  5. I thought you were expecting a phone call from your boss. ________ and you are not here, what shall I tell him?

    1. If he calls
    2. If he will call
    3. In case he calls
    4. In case he will call
  6. Do you want to go rollerblading tomorrow? – Well, ________.

    1. in the case of nice weather
    2. just in case the weather is nice
    3. only if the weather is nice
    4. only in case the weather will be nice
  7. I know you have his business card somewhere, but here's his email address. ________

    1. For the case.
    2. Just in case.
    3. Only in case.
    4. Only in the case.
  8. Well, I know you are against it, but I still think you should microchip your dog, ________.

    1. if he gets lost
    2. if he'll get lost
    3. in case he gets lost
    4. in case he'll get lost
  9. What will your parents tell your sister ________? She's only 17, isn't she?

    1. if she gets drunk
    2. in case she gets drunk
    3. in case she'll get drunk
    4. in the case she is drunk
  10. I'll go for dinner with you, Steve. But ________ to a non-smoking restaurant.

    1. in case we go
    2. just in case we go
    3. only if we go
    4. only in case we'll go
Tento test je součástí naší výukové aplikace englishme!, která nabízí tisíce podobných testových otázek, ale také spoustu jiných aktivit na zlepšení vaší angličtiny.
Správné odpovědi: 1) c, 2) a, 3) c, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c, 7) b, 8) c, 9) a, 10) c
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