Nepřímá řeč - cvičení

Vydáno dne 13.06.2011

Procvičte si aspekty nepřímé řeči – například příslovečná určení, zájmena atp.

He said: ‚This is the best steak I have ever had.‘
He told me that ___________________________(1) was the best steak he had ever had.

She said: ‚The blue coat is mine.‘
She claimed the blue coat was  ___________________________(2) .

They called: ‚The weather is wonderful here.‘
They said on the phone that the weather was wonderful  ___________________________(3) .

Our parents informed us: ‚We are going to redecorate our living room next week.‘
Our parents informed us that we were going to redecorate our living room  ___________________________(4) .

He said: ‚The date may go wrong if you talk only about yourself.‘
He warned me that the date ___________________________(5) go wrong if I talked only about myself.

She told me: ‚Those are really beautiful earrings.‘
She told me that ___________________________(6) were really beautiful earrings.

My friend called from holiday: ‚Yesterday, it was almost impossible to go out because of the heavy rain.‘
My friend called and told us that ___________________________(7) it had been almost impossible to go out because of the heavy rain.

My teacher told me: ‚There are four classrooms on the floor and the A3 is yours.‘
My teacher told me that ___________________________(8) were four classrooms on the floor and that the A3 was mine.

He suggested: ‚I will take you to the cinema tomorrow.‘
He suggested that he would take me to the cinema  ___________________________(9) .

Grandma said: ‚Now is the time to go to bed.‘
Grandma said that ___________________________(10) was the time to go to bed.

Správné odpovědi: 1) it ; 2) hers ; 3) there ; 4) the following week / the next week ; 5) might / could ; 6) they ; 7) the day before / the previous day ; 8) there ; 9) the following day / the next day ; 10) at that moment / then
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