Commas: Jared Leto vs. Kurt Cobain

Vydáno dne 13.06.2011

Do textu o zpěvákovi skupiny 30 Seconds to Mars a jeho cover verzi Cobainovy písně PENNYROYAL TEA budete mít za úkol doplnit čárky.

Do následujícího testu doplňte čárky. Na místo v textu kliknutím myši nastavte buď čárku, pokud tam má být, nebo tři tečky (...), pokud na dané místo čárka nepatří. Po vyhodnocení si můžete přečíst vysvětlení ke každé odpovědi.

A day after the 17th death anniversary of the legendary rocker Kurt Cobain__(1) Jared Leto posted a clip on his website__(2) in which he acted just like the Nirvana frontman__(3) and sang their smash hit song ‘Pennyroyal Tea.’

While the fans were struck by the realness of the emotions put into the voice__(4) and the video shoot of the song__(5) the critics think of it as more of an audition for the Cobain-based movie__(6) which has been a much discussed but less-executed project until now. Leto__(7) however__(8) ma­intains__(9) that he just wanted to look into__(10) what it was like to be in Cobain's creative world. On April 30__(11) Leto got another chance to clarify__(12) what he actually meant by the short clip and what were the reasons__(13) which lead him to make such a video.

Many of Nirvana fans didn't like Leto's recrea­tion__(14) and thoroughly spoke their minds out. Although__(15) Leto wasn’t aware of the negative feedback__(16) he has received by some of the viewers__(17) he understands their disapproval. However__(18) he says__(19) that it just felt right doing so__(20) and he never intended to harm Cobain’s legacy.


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Adapted from an article by louiswebs123

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