Word formation #11

Vydáno dne 18.12.2011

Doplňte do vět vhodné tvary slov.

Přečtete si věty a doplňte do nich vhodné tvary slov od jejich jiné formy v závorce na konci každé věty.

He dumped her over the phone. It was a very ___________________________(1) way to break up with her. (coward)

The company I work for is going bankrupt. I am ___________________________(2) about my chances of getting paid. (doubt)

Suzan and Jim have very ___________________________(3) children. After our visit in their house I was looking forward to a quiet room again. (life)

A ___________________________(4) figure has been seen near the river in our village. (ghost)

___________________________(5) chop the potatoes and put them in a pan with olive oil. (rough)

The shirt fits beautifully but I'll have to ___________________________(6) the trousers because I'm not so tall. (short)

It's just a hypothesis which still needs ___________________________(7) . (confirm)

Not always do food manufacturers tell us the truth about the ___________________________(8) they put in our food. (add)

She is very sensitive. Be careful and don't ___________________________(9) her. (criticism)

My daughter has perfect ___________________________(10) and drawing skills. If she wants to she'll take art classes. (imagine)

Správné odpovědi: 1) cowardly ; 2) doubtful ; 3) lively ; 4) ghostly ; 5) roughly ; 6) shorten ; 7) confirmation ; 8) additives ; 9) criticize / criticise ; 10) imagination
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