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Znáte výrazy, ve kterých se slůvko LOVE pojí s podstatným jménem (např. LOVE STORY)?

LOVE Collocationsheart

Look at the sentences below. Fill in each gap with one of the following nouns. They can be singular OR plural.




He wrote me a love ___song___. It's so romantic!


The rest you can do yourself.

1. Most teen dramas have a love ___________________________(1) where the girl has to pick between two guys.

2. Look at them, just sitting there like two love ___________________________(2) .

3. Bill Clinton had a love ___________________________(3) with Monica Lewinsky.

4. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. Why is she suddenly interested in my love  ___________________________(4) ?

5. The magazine published some photos of Lady Gaga and her new love  ___________________________(5) .

6. She broke up with her boyfriend when she found out he was a love  ___________________________(6) .

7. A wedding gift? Well, why don't you get them something for their little love ___________________________(7) , a doormat maybe?

8. A new love ___________________________(8) for our living room arrived yesterday.

9. What's that on your neck. Is that a love ___________________________(9) ?

10. If you want to lose your love ___________________________(10) , you need to start eating differently and doing a lot of aerobic exercise.

Správné odpovědi: 1) triangle ; 2) birds ; 3) affair ; 4) life ; 5) interest ; 6) rat ; 7) nest ; 8) seat ; 9) bite ; 10) handles
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