SIGNS and NOTICES (photo quiz #8)

Vydáno dne 26.03.2012

A máme tady další desítku fotografií z Velké Británie, na kterých si můžete otestovat, jak rozumíte různým nápisům a cedulím.

  1. How much will I pay if I have two pieces of this delicious brownie to take away?

    1. £1.60
    2. £1.70
    3. £3.20
    4. £3.40
  2. This is a notice board from London. Surprisingly, they mention horses here. How come?

    1. A guard is sitting on a horse near this sign.
    2. Horses are going to kick or bite you here.
    3. There are no horses in London. This is just a joke.
    4. They usually come by bus.
  3. What does this board say?

    1. Guests can bring their own beer to drink here.
    2. If you visit their bar with guests, you will get three beers.
    3. They now have new draught beer.
    4. You will get tap water in the Cask Ale Bar.
  4. Where could you find this tag?

    1. At a hotel bar.
    2. At a hotel reception.
    3. In a hotel restaurant.
    4. In a hotel room.
  5. Can a teenager with a dog enter this place?

    1. A dog is no problem, but a teenager is a person over the age of 11.
    2. Neither a teenager nor a dog can enter the place.
    3. Not with a dog. A teenager can enter without a dog.
    4. Yes, but only if they won't need the toilets.
  6. This is a sign from a park in London. What does it say?

    1. You are not supposed to leave your dog unattended.
    2. You are supposed to keep your dog on a leash.
    3. You aren't supposed to feed the birds.
    4. Your dog isn't supposed to swim in the water.
  7. What might happen if you haven't paid?

    1. It shouldn't be a problem. You can always buy a ticket on board the train.
    2. You are going to pay a penalty fare.
    3. You may have to pay a fine.
    4. You will be arrested.
  8. Where can you see this sign?

    1. At a fairground.
    2. In a ride.
    3. In a theatre for kids.
    4. Nowhere.
  9. Can I buy something to eat in this restaurant for my 5-year-old son?

    1. No, sorry.
    2. Only if you have a WIFI connection on your laptop.
    3. Yes, but only daily specials.
    4. Yes, of course. They offer special meals.
  10. This is a small notice board from a pub in London. What does it say?

    1. Mr Nicholson was born in 1873.
    2. You can ask for a hook for your convenience.
    3. You can leave your belongings anywhere you like.
    4. You don't have to hold your bags all the time.
Správné odpovědi: 1) c, 2) a, 3) c, 4) d, 5) b, 6) d, 7) c, 8) a, 9) d, 10) d
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