LABELS and PACKAGING (photo quiz 5)

Vydáno dne 12.09.2012

Pátý kvíz ze série “štítky a obaly”. K otázkám u deseti obrázků vyberte nejvhodnější odpověď. Po vyhodnocení si můžete přečíst ke každé fotografii vysvětlující komentář.

  1. HP sauce is a very popular brown sauce that was invented in Britain in the 19th century. In the picture you can see two different kinds. What is so special about the one in the middle?

    1. It is hotter than the original sauce.
    2. It's made of woodsmoke.
    3. It's orange.
    4. You should only use it when barbecuing.
  2. Twinings is a very famous British tea producer. Beside black tea they sell fruit infusions like the ones in the picture. Which of these can you buy all year long?

    1. Both of them.
    2. Neither of them.
    3. The one on the left.
    4. The one on the right.
  3. This is a map of Edinburgh, but it's not a regular map. What is special about it? You might need a bit of googling here.

    1. It has an unusual opening mechanism.
    2. It pops when you open it.
    3. It's an online map.
    4. It's made of plastic.
  4. This is the lid of a tin of tuna. Why do they put such a symbol and wording on top?

    1. To show the pole with which they caught the fish.
    2. To show they were friendly to the environment when catching it.
    3. To show what is inside.
    4. To show where exactly the tuna comes from.
  5. Well, who wouldn't know Jamie. He is a famous British chef. This is his book that will make you a better cook. Do you know Jamie's surname?

    1. Oliver
    2. Olivier
    3. Olliver
    4. Ollivier
  6. Ok, it says CHICKEN on its cover, but what is it?

    1. It's a cookery book
    2. It's a chicken with recipes.
    3. It's a recipe.
    4. It's an easy-to-make chicken.
  7. What can you find inside this box?

    1. A tray with coins and cufflinks.
    2. A wooden box where you can store coins and other small things.
    3. A wooden tray with cufflinks.
    4. Cufflinks and a coin tray.
  8. Was the previous question easy? How many items can you find inside this packaging?

    1. four
    2. one
    3. three
    4. two
  9. This is the cover of a paper box. What can we find inside?

    1. A game that you can play at a table.
    2. A game that you can play on a computer.
    3. A spaceship.
    4. A special edition of a DVD collection.
  10. This is another map. This time of London. And again, it's not a regular map. Why is it different?

    1. The map is very cheap.
    2. The map isn't upside down.
    3. The roads are yellow on the map.
    4. You can find many important shops depicted on the map.
Správné odpovědi: 1) a, 2) d, 3) a, 4) b, 5) a, 6) a, 7) b, 8) c, 9) a, 10) d
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