Quiz: Coffee Trivia

Vydáno dne 16.09.2012

Dnešní vědomostní kvíz se zaměří na to, co víte o přípravě kávy.

  1. How can I make a cappuccino?

    1. Fill a cup with steamed and frothed milk and pour in an espresso.
    2. Mix coffee with milk and add froth on top.
    3. Pour boiling milk over an espresso.
    4. Prepare an espresso in a cup and then add steamed and frothed milk.
  2. How can I make the three layers that are so typical for a latte?

    1. Fill a tall glass half full with coffee, then add steamed milk.
    2. Fill a tall glass half full with milk. Then add an espresso, stir and add froth.
    3. Fill a tall glass with coffee, then add milk and finally add froth.
    4. Fill a tall glass with steamed milk. After a while, add an espresso.
  3. What is an Americano?

    1. It's an espresso diluted by adding hot water.
    2. It's any coffee from Sturbucks.
    3. It's weak flavoured coffee.
    4. You need freshly ground coffee to prepare an Americano.
  4. What is French press?

    1. A device for making coffee with a metal filter that you push down.
    2. It's a coffee machine into which you put capsules.
    3. It's filtered coffee that is very weak.
    4. It's very strong coffee typically drunk in Paris.
  5. What is crema?

    1. A kind of low-fat cream.
    2. A special kind of cream that you put in coffee.
    3. A thin layer of foam on top of an espresso.
    4. A typical dessert eaten with coffee.
  6. What is an espresso macchiato?

    1. It's an espresso prepared using a special kind coffee beans.
    2. It's an espresso served with a small glass of water.
    3. It's an espresso with a bit of cold milk.
    4. It's an espresso with a dollop of hot foamed milk.
  7. What do I need to make an Irish coffee?

    1. brandy
    2. dark rum
    3. light rum
    4. whiskey
  8. How much coffee should a typical espresso contain?

    1. 17 grams
    2. 170 grams
    3. 7 grams
    4. 70 grams
  9. What do you call the method of preparing cappuccino by pouring steamed milk over coffee in a way that it results in a pattern or design on the surface?

    1. art cafe
    2. coffee arty
    3. latte art
    4. pattern art
  10. What's the name of the oldest world-famous company that produces coffee capsules? One American actor usually appears in their commercials.

    1. Dolce Gusto
    2. Lavazza
    3. Nescafe
    4. Nespresso
Správné odpovědi: 1) d, 2) d, 3) a, 4) a, 5) c, 6) d, 7) d, 8) c, 9) c, 10) d
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