Word formation 13

Vydáno dne 02.10.2012

Znáte podstatná jména jako bezprostřednost, střízlivost, neochota a další? Své znalosti a dovednost tvořit podstatná jména si můžete vyzkoušet v tomto testu.

  1. I was shocked not only by his looks but also by the ___________________________(1) of his behaviour. (immediate)
  2. “I'm sorry to announce that Luke has decided to leave our company.” – “Oh, good ___________________________(2) ! I didn't like him at all.” (rid)
  3. There was no lie in his eyes and the ___________________________(3) in his voice convinced me. He was telling me the truth. (sure)
  4. Susan could see everything in their looks, from anger to envy to ___________________________(4) . (hate)
  5. “General Clark, if we do not take measures against these brash citizens, there will soon be a ___________________________(5) upon us.” (rebel)
  6. Six months ago, Bill promised to quit drinking… Well, I went downtown last night and saw him boozing with his old mates. So much for his ___________________________(6) . (sober)
  7. “Your Majesty, I'm afraid we cannot afford to leave Bragolas out. He's too good a ___________________________(7) .” (war)
  8. Everyone just stared there in shock and disgust. Never in my life have I met with such ___________________________(8) to help the poor and suffering. (will)
  9. Bilbo was quite lucky when the trolls were turned to stone by an ___________________________(9) . They would have eaten him. (chant)
  10. I had no ___________________________(10) until I turned 12. Now my Mom gives me thirty bucks a month. (allow)
Správné odpovědi: 1) immediacy ; 2) riddance ; 3) surety / sureness ; 4) hatred ; 5) rebellion ; 6) sobriety ; 7) warrior ; 8) unwillingness ; 9) enchantment ; 10) allowance
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