LABELS and PACKAGING (photo quiz #7)

Vydáno dne 02.01.2013

Sedmý kvíz ze série “štítky a obaly”. K otázkám u deseti fotografií vyberte nejvhodnější odpověď. Po vyhodnocení si přečtěte komentář a dozvíte se zajímavosti z britských reálií.

  1. This is a paper box with tea. I'm sure you know that. But how is the tea inside packed?

    1. Each teabag is packed separately in foil for freshness.
    2. The loose tea has been put into teabags. These teabags are inside this box.
    3. The tea isn't very strong. The strength is medium.
    4. The teabags are exceptional quality because they are fresh.
  2. You will find a bottle bouquet inside this packaging? Can you guess what it is?

    1. It fits over the neck of a bottle and opens like a flower.
    2. It's a bouquet of flowers that you can put on the table when drinking wine.
    3. It's a plastic holder for a bottle accompanied with six glasses.
    4. It's a special bottle opener, it's very useful when you have a garden party.
  3. You can find a pair of “tongs” inside this box. Do you know what this word means?

    1. It's a kitchen utensil.
    2. It's a special cooking pan that is scratch resistant.
    3. It's a stick for meal preparation.
    4. You can put it in a dishwasher.
  4. Radox is a popular company even in our country. This is a box with herbal salts. What are they good for?

    1. If you blend the salts with thyme, the mixture will help you.
    2. They are good for your digestion.
    3. They will calm your sore muscles after dissolving.
    4. You can put them on your body and the thyme will soothe your muscular aches.
  5. These are Christmas crackers popular especially in the United Kingdom. What is a Christmas cracker?

    1. A Christmas cracker is a special biscuit.
    2. It's a Christmas tree decoration.
    3. When you open a Christmas cracker, you'll find some sweets inside.
    4. When you pull it open you'll find a small gift inside.
  6. This plastic bag is already empty. We have eaten the contents. What was in the bag?

    1. A nut and a berry with some fruit.
    2. Salads, fruits and vegetables.
    3. Some berries that are high in fiber.
    4. Something that you might want to eat when you're a bit peckish.
  7. A strange-looking product indeed. Can you tell what it is used for?

    1. Matryoshka dolls, toys from Russia.
    2. Plastic cups used for water or beer.
    3. These are toys for children.
    4. These are very strange-looking measuring cups.
  8. In Marks & Spencer they sell not only clothes, but also quite delicious groceries. What does the packaging say?

    1. It says Marks & Spencer produces great pasta.
    2. It says that carbonara means crispy.
    3. It says there's Italian pasta topped with crisps.
    4. It says what you can find inside the sleeve.
  9. This is a macro shoot of a small symbol that you can find on various boxes. What does it say?

    1. If the sleeve is in the box, it is widely recycled.
    2. It explains which part of the packaging can be currently recycled.
    3. It says that cushions can't be recycled.
    4. The plastic cushion is currently recycled.
  10. What is special about the socks that you can find inside this packaging?

    1. The material and the fit make the socks very comfortable.
    2. The silver technology keeps the socks in place.
    3. There are three pairs of elastic socks inside.
    4. They are regular socks.
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) c, 3) a, 4) c, 5) d, 6) d, 7) d, 8) d, 9) b, 10) a
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