BRANDS and LOGOS (quiz 02)

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Poznáte podle loga, na co se specializují různé britské firmy? Některá loga bezpečně poznáte, jiná mohou být oříšek. Po vyhodnocení se opět dozvíte zajímavosti z britských reálií.

  1. Harrods / ******* / was founded in 1834 by Charles Henry Harrod. It's an upmarket department store offering a wide range of products and services (e.g. clothing for women, men and children, electronics, jewellery, sporting gear, pet accessories, toys, health and beauty products, stationery, home appliances or furniture). Where can you find Harrods?

    1. There are two Harrods department stores, in London and Edinburgh.
    2. There is only one Harrods department store, in London.
    3. There's one store in England (London), one in Scotland (Edinburgh) and one in Wales (Cardiff).
    4. You can find Harrods department stores in many towns and cities all around the UK.

  2. Sainsbury's / *********** / was founded by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann Sainsbury. Their first shop opened in 1869. Now it's the third largest chain in the UK. What kind of chain is it?

    1. It's a clothing chain.
    2. It's a funeral services chain.
    3. It's a greengrocers chain.
    4. It's a supermarket chain.

  3. HSBC Holdings plc was founded in London in 1991. The origins of the bank lie in Hong Kong, where branches were first opened in 1865. What does HSBC stand for?

    1. High Savings Bank Company
    2. High Savings Banking Corporation
    3. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
    4. Hongkong Savings Banking Corporation

  4. This one will be easy. Bentley / ******* / was founded in 1919. It sells very expensive luxurious items. What are they?

    1. buses
    2. cars
    3. planes
    4. trains

  5. We might say that the history of this company goes back to 1846, but it was officially formed in 1980. It has its headquarters in London and is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of …

    1. audio visual effects
    2. broadcasting services
    3. telecommunications services
    4. transport and freight services

  6. Selfridges / *********** / (also known as Selfridges & Co.) was founded in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. What is it?

    1. It's a chain of high-end department stores.
    2. It's a chain of cheap department stores.
    3. It's a chain of shops with electronics.
    4. It's a chain of travel agents.

  7. Morphy Richards is a manufacturer of electrical kitchen appliances that was founded in 1936 by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. What can you buy in their shops?

    1. Cakes and pastries.
    2. Refrigerators and washing machines.
    3. Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines.
    4. Toasters, hair dryers, bread makers, kettles and sandwich toasters.

  8. Lipton was founded by Thomas Lipton. I'm sure you all know what this name has always been connected with. What is it?

    1. coffee
    2. chocolate
    3. tea
    4. whisky

  9. You certainly know the name Durex / ********* / and you probably know that the company sells condoms. But do you know what DUREX stands for?

    1. DUrability, Reliability, EXcellence
    2. DUrability, Responsibility, EXcellence
    3. DURable EXcellence
    4. DURable latEX

  10. G4S (Group 4 Securicor) was founded in 2004 and now has operations in around 125 countries with over 600,000 employees. What services does the company provide?

    1. accommodation
    2. marketing
    3. rebranding
    4. security
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) d, 3) c, 4) b, 5) c, 6) a, 7) d, 8) c, 9) a, 10) d
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