LEAFLETS and BROCHURES (photo quiz 1)

Vydáno dne 26.08.2013

Nová série oblíbených foto kvízů se tentokrát zaměřuje na různé britské letáky a brožury. K deseti fotografiím najdete deset záludných otázek. Ve vyhodnocení opět nakoukneme do britských reálií.

  1. What will you get if you make use of this promotion?

    1. A brilliant TV set with unmissable TV for free.
    2. A feature with which you can watch programmes that you may have missed.
    3. A personal recommendation from a busy mum.
    4. A voucher for a box set that is available on demand.

  2. What can you get here?

    1. You will get a three-month subscription for free.
    2. You will get one price.
    3. You will only pay once.
    4. You will pay a one-month fee and get a three-month subscription.

  3. What is this promotion?

    1. The delivery will be free if the total of your order is at least 60 pounds.
    2. You will get a 12-pound discount if you order something from a Sainsbury's gro­cery shop.
    3. You will get a discount of 12 pounds if you order items for more than 100 pounds.
    4. You'll get a discount with your first order which has a total of at least 60 pounds.

  4. What does this leaflet say?

    1. If you subscribe, you will pay only one pound for one magazine until you unsubscribe.
    2. There is only one catch.
    3. You can't cancel your subscription.
    4. You'll get three copies of the magazine for a very good price.

  5. This is a “different kind of supermarket” as they say. What is special about it?

    1. They can't always promise low prices.
    2. You can choose very reasonable delivery slots.
    3. You will get a 20-pound discount on each order that you make online.
    4. You will get a 20% discount.

  6. What is this special offer?

    1. If you subscribe now, you will pay only two pounds for each magazine.
    2. If you subscribe, you'll get 10 packets of seeds with each magazine.
    3. If you subscribe, you'll pay only six pounds for the first three magazines.
    4. You can buy 10 packets of seeds for only 19.58 pounds.

  7. What about this special offer?

    1. Because they received an award in 2010, their wines are more expensive.
    2. There is a special offer only for vegetarians.
    3. There isn't one.
    4. You can choose from over 400 organic wines.

  8. This company also sells wine. What does this leaflet say?

    1. If the wine is rude, you will get a 50-pound discount.
    2. If the wine that you order is red, you will get a discount.
    3. If you are rude, you will get a 50-pound discount.
    4. You can buy a box of wine here for less than 60 pounds.

  9. And what about this leaflet? What does it say?

    1. No deposit is required unless you spend five pounds.
    2. You can play bingo if you pay a deposit.
    3. You'll have to call them to receive your unique code.
    4. Your special voucher number is somewhere on this leaflet.

  10. This is another “special offer”. What is it this time?

    1. If you order pot and pans for more than 99 pounds, postage and packaging will be free.
    2. If you use a special code, you will save more than 100 pounds when buying this set.
    3. You can buy these five pots and this pan for only 99 pounds if you can pay p&p.
    4. You can buy this 6-piece set for only 99 pounds if you have free p&p.
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) d, 3) d, 4) d, 5) b, 6) c, 7) c, 8) d, 9) d, 10) b
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