SIGNS and NOTICES (photo quiz 10)

Vydáno dne 07.01.2014

Další desítka fotografií z Velké Británie, na kterých si můžete otestovat, jak rozumíte různým nápisům a cedulím.

  1. What does this notice say?

    1. You can buy safe wallets in this shop.
    2. You can only have 10 pounds in your wallet.
    3. You shouldn't leave your wallet unattended.
    4. Your wallet is always safe.

  2. What does ‘ANGUS’ mean?

    1. It's a breed of cattle.
    2. It's a county in Wales.
    3. It's a street name.
    4. It's an acronym.

  3. What is ‘Comic perfection’?

    1. It's a name of a film.
    2. It's a name of a restaurant.
    3. It's a name of a stage play.
    4. It's something that somebody thinks of a play.

  4. What does this notice say?

    1. Cycling or recycling is forbidden in this area.
    2. If I chain a cycle to these railings, it will be removed after I sign a notice.
    3. If I chain my bike here, it may be gone by the time I come back.
    4. If I chain my bike to these railings, I must leave a notice on it.

  5. This is a photo of a notice taken in London. What does it inform passengers about?

    1. Some trains will not stop at Embankment until November 2014.
    2. Some trains won't stop at Embankment by November 2014.
    3. They are going to replace four escalators at this train station.
    4. You will have to use train instead of the underground lines.

  6. What does this notice board say?

    1. I will get a free refill of my filter coffee at this restaurant unless I order it before 2pm.
    2. If I order filter coffee at this restaurant until 2pm they will pour me some more when I finish it.
    3. The coffee cups at this restaurant don't have bottoms.
    4. They serve freshly ground coffee until 2pm.

  7. When was this photo taken?

    1. On a Boxing Day.
    2. On a Christmas Day.
    3. On a Christmas Eve.
    4. On a New Year's Day.

  8. What can I get here?

    1. A curry with a free drink for 6.99 on Thursdays.
    2. A chicken club sandwich for 7.99 on Wednesdays.
    3. Drinks for a very reasonable price.
    4. Nothing unless I'm a member of their club.

  9. What does this sign say?

    1. You shouldn't flush a goldfish down this toilet if you have one.
    2. You shouldn't flush anything down this toilet unless it is really necessary.
    3. You shouldn't flush this toilet.
    4. You shouldn't flush your emails down this toilet.

  10. Why are the buses going to be severely affected? What do you think?

    1. Because of the fireworks.
    2. Because there are no bus services operating in London on New Year's Eve.
    3. Because there are only 1700 hub areas.
    4. Because there are only 1700 roads.
Správné odpovědi: 1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) c, 5) a, 6) b, 7) b, 8) a, 9) a, 10) a
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