Minulá modální slovesa - cvičení 2

Vydáno dne 20.02.2014

Další cvičení na minulá modální slovesa. Do vět s trochou kontextu budete sami vpisovat své odpovědi.

Do prázdného okénka doplňujte tvary minulých modálních sloves s příčestím minulým příslušného slovesa v závorce. V případě záporných tvarů vpisujte zkrácené formy shouldn't, couldn't apod.

  1. ‘Where was Josh? He didn’t show up at the party!‘
    ’I don't know. He ________________________ in traffic.' (be stuck)

  2. ‘I saw your girlfriend on Thursday. She was making out with Patrick.’
    ‘It ________________________ her. Are you sure?’ (be)

  3. ‘I was moving that old piano of mine and now my back hurts so badly!’
    ‘Why didn’t you call? I ________________________ you.' (help)

  4. ‘I went to Sarah’s to apologize but she was still furious, shouting and throwing things at me.‘
    ’Well, you ________________________ she would still be angry.' (know)

  5. ‘I went to Berlin by train last Sunday and I was so bored! I ________________________ a book with me.’ (take)

  6. ‘We went to Brasil for the Dance Carnival last summer.’
    ‘Oh, really? It ________________________ great!’ (be)

  7. The party yesterday was a bit tough. I have a headache now. I guess I ________________________ so much beer. (drink)

  8. Caroline ________________________ away if she weren't scared to death. I know her, trust me. (run)

  9. The burglars ________________________ through the window but why aren't there any fingerprints on it then? (get in)

  10. My husband ________________________ them the password, he didn't know it. It must have been someone else. (tell)

Správné odpovědi: 1) must have been stuck / may have been stuck ; 2) can't have been / couldn't have been ; 3) could have helped / might have helped ; 4) might have known / may have known ; 5) should have taken / ought to have taken ; 6) must have been ; 7) shouldn't have drunk / ought not to have drunk ; 8) wouldn't have run / would have run ; 9) could have got in / might have got in ; 10) can't have told / couldn't have told
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