Autumn test (pre-intermediate)

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Krátké podzimní procvičení vybraných gramatických jevů pro úroveň Pre-intermediate.

  1. “Terrible weather, don't you think?” he ________ me, looking out of the window.
    1. said
    2. said to
    3. spoke
    4. told to
  2. “Wash your hands before ________ you eat!” my mum said when I came from the garden, dirty.
    1. than
    2. that
    3. then
  3. I ________ met her some 20 years ago. I remember it like today: Indian summer, the nights were quite warm…
    1. at first
    2. first
    3. firstly
    4. lastly
  4. Can you pick some apples if you ________ some apple trees on your way home? I will make you a pie.
    1. came across
    2. come across
    3. had come across
    4. will come across
  5. “You'd better ________ the kite near the power line!” my father always warned me.
    1. don't fly
    2. fly not
    3. not fly
    4. shouldn't fly
  6. Everything she said about chestnuts was ________ than anything I had heard before.
    1. interesting
    2. more interested
    3. much interesting
    4. much more interesting
  7. Do you remember? Sometime last November I found that small teddy in my office. No one wanted it so I gave it ________ .
    1. for my big brother
    2. into the dustbin
    3. on the window sill
    4. to my little girl
  8. A: The leaves were not colourful enough, so I used a bit of paint.
    B: ________ ??
    A: Really, they looked much better then!

    1. Did you do
    2. What did you
    3. What you did
    4. You did what
  9. When I entered the club, there was no one but one ________ man at the bar, holding a copy of Verlaine's “Autumn Song” in his hand. I didn't want to wake him up, so I just took the poem and let him sleep.

    1. asleep
    2. sleep
    3. sleeping
    4. sleepy
  10. They served us some delicious pumpkin soup. Some of the ________ said they wouldn't have believed anything cooked of pumpkin can be so good!
    1. ghosts
    2. guests
    3. hostility
    4. hosts
Správné odpovědi: 1) b, 2) a, 3) b, 4) b, 5) c, 6) d, 7) d, 8) d, 9) c, 10) b
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