Word formation 14

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Test znalosti tvoření anglických slov pomocí přípon, předpon apod.

Complete each gap with a suitable form of the word in brackets.

His face was full of sadness (sad) and grief.

The Catskills Park is a ___________________________(1) (mountain) region located in southeastern New York State.

They say that love helps to overcome the ___________________________(2) (hard) of life.

A large number of witnesses watched the ___________________________(3) (execute) of the serial killer.

This is why I ___________________________(4) (trust) the government so much. They are a bunch of liars.

I have a ___________________________(5) (confess) to make. I was the one who told your husband about us.

We're supposed to write an ___________________________(6) (argue) essay on gay marriage.

I still need to do a lot of ___________________________(7) (revise) for the exam tomorrow.

I liked the cupcake but the ___________________________(8) (frost) was too sweet.

He told him to sit and the dog ___________________________(9) (ready) obeyed.

Three-foot-long ___________________________(10) (ice) were hanging from the roof above me.

Správné odpovědi: 1) mountainous ; 2) hardships ; 3) execution ; 4) distrust / mistrust ; 5) confession ; 6) argumentative / argument ; 7) revision / revising ; 8) frosting ; 9) readily ; 10) icicles
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