SIGNS and NOTICES (photo quiz #12)

Vydáno dne 19.01.2016

Další desítka fotografií z Velké Británie, na kterých si můžete otestovat, jak rozumíte různým nápisům a cedulím.

  1. Let's say that this is your favourite clothes shop. You want to buy a shirt that is in the sale now. It originally cost 50 pounds. How much will you pay?

    1. 30 pounds
    2. 40 pounds
    3. 50 pounds
    4. less than 30 pounds

  2. This is a very clear sign, isn't it? But where are the gents?

    1. In the waiting room.
    2. On the left.
    3. On the right.
    4. Probably somewhere near here.

  3. Where was this photo taken?

    1. At a dry-cleaner's.
    2. In a clothes shop.
    3. In a department store.
    4. In a hotel bathroom.

  4. This is a photo from a lovely British pub. What does the underlined letter w stand for?

    1. what
    2. which
    3. wild
    4. with

  5. This is a notice board from a park in London. What does it say?

    1. The excess gravel will be removed at one point.
    2. The loose notice board will be removed.
    3. The lost gravel causes inconvenience.
    4. You should take care of the gravel surface.

  6. This is a poster from a restaurant advertising their function room. What is a function room?

    1. A room that opens if the restaurant or pub gets full with people.
    2. A room that you can book just for you and your friends.
    3. A room that you can see only today.
    4. A special room in a restaurant for VIP guests only.

  7. This is a notice board from a train station. What does it show you?

    1. It shows you where the exit is.
    2. It shows you where the nearest airport is.
    3. It shows you where the shut buses are.
    4. It shows you where you can run.

  8. This is a shop window of a famous London department store. After Christmas they covered it with this text. What does it say?

    1. Santa doesn't exist.
    2. Santa will impress you in the sales.
    3. You failed Santa this year.
    4. You probably didn't get what you wanted for Christmas.

  9. This is a humorous notice board from a market in London. It is a stall with alcohol. What does the board say? (careful, this is a tricky one)

    1. If you are 25 years old or older, you don't have to show them your ID card.
    2. If you look under 25, you actually might be younger than 18.
    3. If you're 25, you're lucky.
    4. You should always present your ID card.

  10. This is a photo taken near a hospital, which isn't really important. What can happen to you if you aren't careful?

    1. You can use a handrail.
    2. You may hazard your life.
    3. You may slide if the pavement is wet.
    4. You may slip.
Správné odpovědi: 1) d, 2) d, 3) d, 4) d, 5) a, 6) b, 7) a, 8) d, 9) b, 10) d
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