The Lord of the Rings Quiz: Places

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V září si připomínáme výročí úmrtí geniálního spisovatele J.R.R.Tolkiena. Je známý především jako autor knih Hobit a Pán prstenů. Znáte jeho dílo dobře? Dnes vás prověříme v místních znalostech.

  1. Bilbo Baggins, the main hero of The Hobbit or There and Back Again, lived in Hobbiton. His home (a hobbit burrow) was called ________ .
    1. Bag End
    2. Bagshot Row
    3. Pipe-weed
    4. The Shire
  2. Only immortal beings were allowed to live there, in the Undying Lands of Ea. Yet, an exception was given to the Ring-bearers, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Feanor made the Silmarils there. What is the name of this blessed land?
    1. Mirkwood
    2. Númenor
    3. The Prancing Pony
    4. Valinor
  3. Its name means “Dark Land” in English. Sauron dwelt there in the Second and the Third Ages. It's surrounded by mountains in the north, west and south. To enter the land from the east (not secretly), you had to go through the Black Gate (Morannon in Sindarin). What place am I talking about?

    1. Barad-dûr
    2. Gondor
    3. Mordor
    4. Morgoth
  4. “O ________! The Winter comes, the bare and leafless Day;
    The leaves are falling in the stream, the River flows away.
    O ________! Too long I have dwelt upon this Hither Shore
    And in a fading crown have twined the golden elanor.”

    Which place is the author singing about?

    1. Eregion
    2. Hithaeglir
    3. Imladris
    4. Lórien
  5. An easy one now: where did Gandalf and Balrog fight in The Fellowship of the Ring?

    1. Mithrandir
    2. Morannon
    3. Mordor
    4. Moria
  6. Imladris was an Elven town which was situated on the eastern side of Eriador. Its master wore a ring of power. What was its English name?

    1. Golden Wood
    2. Helm's Deep
    3. Middle-earth
    4. Rivendell
  7. The land of Horsemasters was called________.

    1. Angmar
    2. Gondor
    3. Rivendell
    4. Rohan
  8. What is the name of the hill where Frodo was stabbed by the Lord of the Nazgûl?

    1. Amon Amarth
    2. Amon Dîn
    3. Amon Lhaw
    4. Amon Sûl
  9. Silvan Elves and giant spiders dwelt in this place. Its Sindarin name means “the Forest of Great Fear”. What is its name?

    1. Erebor
    2. Minas Morgul
    3. Mirkwood
    4. Pelennor Fields
  10. Mr. Underhill (Frodo Baggins) first met Strider (Aragorn) at The ________.

    1. Bell Inn
    2. Eagle and Child
    3. Green Dragon
    4. Prancing Pony
Správné odpovědi: 1) a, 2) d, 3) c, 4) d, 5) d, 6) d, 7) d, 8) d, 9) c, 10) d
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