Homophones 4

Vydáno dne 09.01.2018

Homofony jsou slova, která stejně zní, ale jinak se píší. Zkuste si, zda znáte pár pokročilejších dvojic slovíček.

V každé větě vždy doplňte jedno slovo tak, aby věta dávala smysl. Stažené tvary (např. can't, won't) se počítají jako jedno slovo.
V každé dvojici vět se obě slova musí vyslovovat stejně.

Pozor! V některých případech jde o homofony pouze v britské angličtině!

He lost one finger in the war but he always says that FOUR is as good as five.
Come on, go for it! What are you waiting FOR?

I saw three mice disappear in the mouse ___________________________(1) .
Those terrible slugs have eaten the ___________________________(2) plants!

When you cook this, you need sugar, butter and of course ___________________________(3) .
On the first date, he didn't bring her a ___________________________(4) but some eggs and honey from his farm.

Our body’s made of millions of ___________________________(5) .
Our neighbour always buys something cheap and then he ___________________________(6) it for much more.

Could you ___________________________(7) some sugar into the sugar bowl? It's nearly empty.
The man in the story was so ___________________________(8) that he only had one wooden spoon.

My mum and my ___________________________(9) are hardly similar – you wouldn’t say they’re siblings.
On the other hand, my friends Luke and Thomas look like brothers – and they  ___________________________(10) !

The shoplifter took the jewel just under the ___________________________(11) of the security guy.
Maybe in ten or twenty years, we’ll all drive electric cars – who  ___________________________(12) !

You’re gonna see Emma tomorrow? Say ___________________________(13) to her for me!
It’s ___________________________(14) time you understood this is not the way you can treat decent people.

She always looks fabulous but still keeps complaining about her ___________________________(15) .
Yesterday at the playground, I met – ___________________________(16) for it – James Blunt with his baby boy!

The book is rather boring but ___________________________(17) cover is a piece of art.
I think ___________________________(18) such a pity the best musicians die young.

I ___________________________(19) you, young lady! You’re late once more and you’re in big trouble!
She’s been into sport since she was born – that’s why she’s always ___________________________(20) her hair short.

Správné odpovědi: 1) hole ; 2) whole ; 3) flour ; 4) flower ; 5) cells ; 6) sells ; 7) pour ; 8) poor ; 9) aunt ; 10) aren't / aren´t ; 11) nose ; 12) knows ; 13) hi ; 14) high ; 15) weight ; 16) wait ; 17) its ; 18) it's / it’s ; 19) warn ; 20) worn
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